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"Furo" latimanus Agassiz, 1834


"Furo" latimanus Agassiz, 1834

Upper Jurassic




Length 10cm

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Brett Breakin' Rocks


The little dendrites exploding from the fossil really make this fish pop .. such an amazing occurrence. It's beautiful !

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Holotype: Specimen AS.VII .262, Bayerische Staatssammlung fiir Palâontologie und historische Geologie. Solnhofen, Bavaria. 'Furo' latimanus was originally described as a pholidophorid. It is a small (standard length up to 10 cm) fish, with a round dorsal profile, a short skull with a rounded or blunt snout, a triangular dorsal fin situated posteriorly to halfway the body-length, broad pectoral fin and a short, only weekly forked caudal fin. No specimens that clearly show the skull anatomy in lateral view afe available. Nevertheless, from examined specimens it appears that the maxilla is of similar shape as that of 'F'. longiserratus, but it does not contain a sensory canal. The dorsal border of the supramaxilla is slightly concave. The operculum is roughly quadrangular. There is one large supraorbital ventral and posterior to which many smaller supraorbitals are present. The broad pectoral fin and the short, weekly forked caudal fin are unique for this form

Thorougly decent specimen,Tom.

*doffs snobbish Brit accent*

Good thing I don't get jealous easily

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