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Shizodus depressus bi-valve
SITE LOCATION: Bangor Limestone Formation in northern Alabama
TIME PERIOD: Mississippian Period (ca 325,000,000 yrs old)
Trigoniida is order of medium-sized saltwater clams, marine bivalve molluscs. Within the fossil record the occurrence of this order is widespread, ranging from the Devonian Period to Recent. The diagnostic feature for the order is the unique and complex dentition of the shell, (i.e. the interior hinge teeth that articulate the two valves). The dentition is particularly elaborate within the family Trigoniidae. Bieler, Carter, & Coan (2010) included the following families and superfamilies in Trigoniida. Taxa marked with a † are extinct with the only extant family in the order being Trigoniidae.
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Bivalvia
Order: Trigoniida
Family: †Schizodidae
Genus: †Shizodus
Species: †depressus

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