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The Story Of The Monster Tooth From Big Brook



Alright, in 2003 it was the second year of my dad and my trip to big brook. this time, we brought my older sister and her friend. we dug in the pit for hours (they sat on logs, how helpful :rolleyes: ) we found a decent amount. suddenly, my dad finds a fish tooth (now remembering it was probably a good puny goblin). he gave it to the girls to look at. u wont believe it. THEY DROPPED IT! :o my dad was so ##### and dug desperatly in the spot of the brook were the tooth was dropped. in the first sift, we didnt find the tooth, but he says things not allowed to be said on this forum without my account being banned! :D in his hand, he held a tooth 1.5 in down and 1in across, fully complete with two HUGE cusps and all enamel and root. So he thanked my sister and stupid friend. i guess bad luck makes good fortune. i will get pics later, but it looks like an otodus or a goblin that is hugenous.


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Holy schamoly, that's a big tooth. Thank goodness you found it :)

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LOL.... it would have been good if you found both teeth.

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Are you sure it wasn't a concretion.:P It is probably a lateral Goblin tooth. Otodus are Paleogene in age and teeth found in Big Brook are Cretaceous in age. Nice find though.

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