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Limericks And Rhymes




There once was a man from Buffalo

He wasn't satisfied with Mid Devonian, he wanted Low

He dreamed of Euryptids,

that he could call his,

He'd better go to a fossil show


thank you fossil forum

i didn't know what my fossils were when I saw em

i brought home concretions

with interesting features

now i dont have to bring home any moreofum


there once was a state called Florida,

filled with Shark Teeth, but now no more are there

a million buckets sifted

and shifted and lifted

now Floridas just a memoria


said a haughty trilobite

"dont you Brachiopods wish you might

go to sleep, and then be

a trilobite just like me"

they chorused "of course you are right!"


More, more, more!!!

we have Limericks in store!!!

not purchasing any?

my suggestion sir, theny,

allow me to show you the door...


Less, less, less,

this asynchronous stuff is a mess

i cannot peruse your Limerick store

as I would like quite a bit less not more

the dischordance is making me deaf


there once was a boy named Thomas

free fossils were what he was promised

he waited and hoped

for the end of this post

to find out if the offer was honest...

He went out to wait for the mail

would his fossil boat never set sail?

how many more verses?

(please mind your curses)

must he follow this thread to prevail?

The post office's answer was vague

his uneasiness quite unaussaged

he brought out a light

and waited all night

bereft, he ferverently prayed

He woke up with dew in his eyes

and necks cramps enormous in size

the post box was mocking

in only his stockings

he kicked it and ran back inside!

"I can no longer put up with this

On my trip I'll apply to the Swiss

I"ll live over there

with fossils less rare

in your promise you've been quite remiss!"


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:rofl: :ROFL: :rofl: :ROFL: hahaha the last one's funny. :P sooo... what was thomas gonna get? ^_^
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thanks Roz!you always make it all so much more fun here, we need some new contests!

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