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Geopaleo Poem



I was surfing the web recently and came across a site whose members collect rocks that have faces in them. Here is a quick link to it… http://www.cst.cmich.edu/users/dietr1rv/mimetoliths/ It’s interesting to me. I turned to my wife and told her, “Wow, I’m gonna have to keep my eyes open for rocks like these and start collecting them!” Well, to put it bluntly, she puts up with my collecting, if I keep them picked up and don’t wash to much mud down her kitchen sink while scrubbing that latest fossil find or those most recent quartz crystals i found, ..... with her toothbrush… ;) but she laughed and nodded in agreement, knowing full well that soon she would start seeing average looking, run of the mill, unimpressive rocks piling up that only a sun beaten, weary and bleary eyed rock and fossil hound, after hours of searching, can see the elusive and mysterious image of ‘Jimi Hendrix’ in one of them and the shadowy profile of ’Mother Theresa’ in another! “What’s that? Where’s ‘Jimi’ you ask? Hmm, right here…if you turn it just right….uh…Well honey, it looked like ‘Jimi Hendrix’ at the time or I wouldn’t have brought it home! I swear! It must have been the way the sun was shining on it!” Anyway, what I am getting to is this, most folks just don’t understand my desire to collect rocks and fossils. Well actually it’s an obsession! I mean, I even had an online roleplaying character named “Eclo Stonehoarder” I can’t explain it exactly, and maybe you can relate in some way! It’s just the way I am and the way I’ve always been. To attempt a better explanation, I wrote this poem about it.

(This actually happened to me not so long ago!)

While strolling with a friend one day,

I spied a glimmer bright.

It shone like diamond in the sun,

reflecting all that light!

I bent down close and got a look,

a wonder to behold.

I gently picked it up to see,

the story to be told!

I turned it round, and round again,

while feeling every face.

Each one so smooth and polished slick,

it took me to that place!

A place a million years ago,

when Earth was just a child.

A place devoid of human things,

just raw and wet and wild!

The time this jewel has spent on Earth,

my mind can barely think.

Yet to this gem upon my hand,

’twas nothing but a blink!

Amazed and full of wonder at

the beauty of this Earth.

The things it has created

since the moment of it’s birth!

I marvel at the symmetry,

the artistry and grace.

I hold it up to show my friend,

I hold it to his face!

“Just look”, I say, “It’s beautiful”,

and to my utter shock.

He only shrugged and said to me,

“It’s just another rock!”

Well, needless to say, that floored me. I really didn’t know how to respond so I said nothing but I thought to myself, ”Just another rock? Really? Thats what you think? “Just another rock?” Oh how sad it must be to sleepwalk through life and never appreciate the natural beauty of all of Earths wonders and what inhabited this Earth long before us! I’ve since had time to think about it a bit and I wrote a second part to the poem that says what I should have said that day. It goes like this…

Contraire my friend, this here is quartz,

not just another stone.

Theres minerals and sediments,

theres igneous and bone!

Each one unique and on it’s own

it holds a mystery.

It tells a tale of life on Earth,

it’s part of history!

We study them, we covet them,

we trade some just like money.

With Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies,

and Amber gold as honey!

Theres fossils, corals, limestone cliffs,

diversity abounds.

A grain of sand that wind can move,

or one, a million pounds!

If you my friend are blind to this,

theres nothing I can say

to make you stop and look at things

in quite a different way.

One day both you and I won’t walk,

upon this Earthen block.

A million years will pass and you’ll be,

“Just another rock!”

Poetry composed by KehBe

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Love it!!!

Have to share my 'I hate Winter' poem with you some time.

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Love it!!! Have to share my 'I hate Winter' poem with you some time.

Winter is sneaking up on us... It was chilly this morning! I too would rather put up with the heat but I really like fossiling in the winter when the vegetation is sparse. I have found stuff in the winter that I probably couldn't have gotten to in spring or summer! Post up the poem, I'm anxious to see it!

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That is brilliant, it put's into word's what so many of us feel :-)

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