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The Id



A man brought a rock to a shop

said he "you should see what I've got!"

the shop owner glanced

he looked quite askance

he said "I can see what it's not!"

"It's not a Peruvian Meg

not a wonderful dinosaur egg

is this really a fossil?"

he seemed rather hostile

"i think you are pulling my leg!

theres no sign of trilobite here

no ammonite sutures are clear

...and you're right in my light

can't you please wait outside

or at least stand less terribly near!"

he held a fine loupe to his eye

and prepared many microscope slides

he mumbled and fumed, he rubbed at his eyes

the temperature rose in the room!

he screamed "Why do you lie!"

He picked up the rock, he grabbed the man's arm!

he bellowed in rage "I want both of you gone!"

he threw them both out and closed up his store

He lay under a desk in the dark on the floor

sobbing and vowing to open no more

the man gasped for air outside of the shop

he couldn't stop laughing, he picked up his rock

that he'd crafted from tile grout only last week

at the next rock shop door, he was once again meek...

as the kindly owner smiled and said "well now, let's see..."

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