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Adventures with a Paddle

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September 20th, 2009


In the search for fossils and other treasure, rain can be friend or foe. However, given the historic drought that is affecting most of Texas, you cannot complain about the rain these days. A friend and I decided to see if we could leverage the rain's recent effects on a heavily collected waterway in our state. We ended up rescuing several finds from nature's grinder.


During our excursion, I tried to take advantage of the digital video capability on my camera...it might have taken advantage of me. I cobbled together a montage of video, photos, and text to give you a chance to see a memorable trip....


We were hoping for some mosasaur material and Pleistocene presents, but if you want to take a look, we found...



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Most entertaining, well done and amazing finds..

Hey, you care to post the coordinates??? :P

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Uncle Siphuncle


Was that a cow mooing or me snoring while you picked up that Black Friday???

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Thanks, Jimmy.

Roz - 33.25 degrees West of the tree and 14.321 degrees North of the same tree, but I forgot where the tree is.... :blink:

Dan, I doubt it was snoring... :phew:

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Dang it! My tracking device malfunctioned! :P

I finally got to see this video. The network at work is blocking you tube.

All I can say is wow guys!

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