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  • Ancolioceras opalinoides (Mayer 1864)





    Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Mollusca
    Class: Cephalopoda
    Order: Ammonitida
    Family: Graphoceratidae
    Genus: Ancolioceras
    Species: A. opalinoides
    Author Citation Mayer 1864

    Geological Time Scale

    Eon: Phanerozoic
    Era: Mesozoic
    Period: Jurassic
    Epoch: Middle
    International Age: Late Aalenian


    Achdorf Formation


    Collector: Roger Furze
    Date Collected: 03/15/2014
    Acquired by: Field Collection


    Diameter: 9 cm


    Scheffheu Section


    This species has long been a subject of contention as to its lineage, but Dietze (2014), following the chronospecies/genus concept, has managed to prove to the satisfaction of most that it belongs to the subfamily of the Leioceratinae. Rieber (1963) had placed it in the subfamily Staufeniinae and had named it Staufenia opalinoides, a name which most collectors and paleontologists adopted, since his work was the most comprehensive one on the ammonite fauna of the area for many years.

    This almost complete specimen has most of its shell intact. The band of variation of ribbing and other sculptural factors is relatively broad, but this here is a typical sample.


    Biostratigraphy: Murchisonae Zone, Sinon Bank 1, haugi Subzone

    Old German Chronostratigraphy: Dogger (Braunjura) beta

    Literature: Rieber,H. (1963): Ammoniten und Stratigraphie des Braunjura beta der Schwaebischen Alb, Palaeontographica Bd.122,Abt.A, Pp.1-89

                       Dietze et al (2014): Aalenian (Middle Jurassic) ammonites and stratigraphy of the Geisingen clay pit (SW Germany), Palaeodiversity 7: 61–127

                       Horn,E. (1909): Die Harpoceraten der Murchisonae-Schichten des Donau-Rhein-Zuges, Mitteilungen der Großh. Badischen Geologischen Landesanstalt, VI. Bd.1.Heft


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