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Gastropods of the Tamiami Formation

Gastropods of the Tamiami Formation
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The Pinecrest Sand Member of the Tamiami Formation is a series of beds which contain an incredible diversity of marine life from the Upper Pliocene ranging from approximately 4.5 to 2.5 million years ago. Primary among the organisms that draw attention to these deposits are the gastropods which are so well preserved that they appear to have just recently washed upon the shore. Although both professional and amateurs have collected from the Sarasota quarries which have mined the mollusk shells for construction for over 50 years, a single monograph has never beeen produced. In addition, I am also picturing gastropods from the Tamiami coral reef facies, the Golden Gate Member which contains some of the same species as the Pinecrest but also many endemics. Although short on description which is essential in peer reviewed scientific publications, I hope this gallery will serve as a guide to those who have trouble in acquiring the few out of date works that have delt with the Pinecrest.

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