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Washington tooth (not a wooden presidential one)

The Mushroom Whisperer

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The Mushroom Whisperer

Hello everyone, 


I'm a little out of my element, here.  I found a tooth the other day, while rockhounding the Quaternary alluvial deposits of the North shore of Grays Harbor.  The tooth is a little tumble worn.


I believe it may have had serrations on the edges, but those have since worn off, leaving a worn edge.


My guess is Great White, but that is a guess based on the fact I found it in Quaternary sediments.   Uneducated otherwise, and maybe some hopeful thinking mixed in.


Your thoughts would be appreciated. 


I understand that sharks teeth in Washington are almost as scarce as hens teeth....


Measurements are in mm.










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Don't take my word for this because I'm not great, but I think that's a great white tooth.



Image from HERE

I'm thinking like the one on the left of this image.


The tooth doesn't look serrated, but that could be because the serrations wore off.

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