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Massive Quaternary Brazilian Ground Sloth Tunnels - Online Papers


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Get Lost in Mega-Tunnels Dug by South American Megafauna

By Andrew Jenner, March 28, 2017



This Massive Tunnel in South America Was Dug by Ancient 

Mega-Sloths, BEC Crew, Science alerts, April 1, 2017



Some online PDFs of papers are:


Frank, H.T., Buchmann, F.S.C., Lima, L.G., Fornari, M., Caron, F. 

and Lopes, R.P., 2012. Cenozoic vertebrate tunnels in southern 

Brazil. Ichnology of Latin America: selected papers, 2, pp.141-158.



Frank, H.T., Althaus, C.E., Dario, E.M., Tramontina, F.R., Adriano, 

R.M., Almeida, M.D.L., Ferreira, G.F., Nogueira, R. and Breier, R., 

2017. Underground chamber systems excavated by Cenozoic

ground sloths in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Revista 

Brasileira de Paleontologia, 18(2), pp.273-284.




Lopes, R.P., Frank, H.T., Buchmann, F.S.D.C. and Caron, F., 2017. 

Megaichnus igen. nov.: giant paleoburrows attributed to extinct 

Cenozoic mammals from South America. Ichnos, 24(2), pp.133-145.




Buchmann, F.S. Frank, H.T., Ferreira, G.F., and Cruz, E.A., 2016,

Evidência de vida gregária em paleotocas atribuídas a 

mylodontidae (preguiças- gigantes). Revista Brasileira de 

Paleontologia. v. 19 (2). pp. 259-270




Frank, H.T., Lima, L.G., Gerhard, N.P., Caron, F., Buchmann, F.S.C., 

Fornari, M. and Lopes, R.P., 2013. Description and interpretation 

of Cenozoic vertebrate ichnofossils in Rio Grande do Sul State, 

Brazil. Revista Brasileira de Paleontologia, 16(1), pp.83-96.






Paul H.

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