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Here is my personal website that targets fossils I have found locally. I try to post articles about particular finds, especially when it highlights a new genus or species for me, or a better specimen than I had before. I am highly interested in providing content for people searching online to find, especially about local specimens. I do my best to photograph each specimen to maximize detail and to satisfy curiosity.


In keeping finds organized, I keep a catalog page and created a local numbering system: https://fossil.15656.com/about/fossil-catalog/


As I read research papers, I tend to post links to them and add commentary. https://fossil.15656.com/about/research/


I've done my best to provide a description of the local geology here: https://fossil.15656.com/local-geology/


And as I find interesting things along the way, sometimes I will create a live research article as I learn about it. Example: https://fossil.15656.com/research-pages/fedexia-striegeli/


I've only been collecting fossils for a year at this point. I'm still overwhelmed with how much there is to learn about fossil taxonomy and geology in general. This is a relaxing hobby for me that keeps me excited with the thrill of discovery.


Thank you!


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Very well put together website. Some very nice finds, I'll definitely have to look around some more when I have time.

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Great website! 

Bookmarked for more reading later! :)

Thanks for posting the links to it. :default_clap2: 

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Not sure how I missed this! Very cool website. Having only been collecting for a year, you certainly have put a lot of time and effort into it. Good job. :) 

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@fossilNerd & @Fossildude19 Feel free to point out mistakes. I try to be accurate, but I'm as far away from being peer reviewed as I can get right now. ^_^

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