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Have amber fossils ever been compared to more conventional fossils?

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Hey all, I was just wondering if there has ever been a study comparing fossils of the organisms trapped in amber to similarly located/aged "conventional" rock fossils.

It would certainly be interesting to see how the organisms compare between the two forms of preservation- one as a flattened impression and the other looking like it was just alive yesterday.

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Hi Gieserguy,

I don´t know about specific studies, but amberfossils often provide useful insights if they are found at all..

as far as I know until recently there was not very much overlap between the groups of animals that are found in amber (usually insects and plants) and the ones that are often found flattened in rock -vertebrates,  all the marine others and rarely plants and insects. (sorry for that very skewed list)

There are many spectacular cases from Burma/Myanmar now, I read about Enantiornid birds, Dinosaur feathers, even Ammonites in amber. These are found in a politically rather unstable region, so research is not easy, but if you search for "Burmite" you will find a lot of fascinating information.

Best Regards,


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