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Coldest morning here in this mild winter.  Headed to the creek, almost devoid of life, although plum? trees are blooming.  Water felt relatively warm.  Raccoon and deer tracks everywhere. 

Stayed at one spot hoping for a cowshark tooth; found three, but all broken.  Lots of the usual sand tiger spikes. A small delicate sand tiger syncytial tooth. Only one angel shark tooth, a dozen or so drum teeth.  A skate stinger, bigger than usual but enamel only on one side.  Weird vert, has a 'wing' on one side; usually verts are more symmetrical but I saw no evidence of a broken wing on the other side?  No big teeth (i'm a bit overdue for a 2"er!) 

Fortunately/ unfortunately? no freezing weather here until Friday morning.  More comfortable for hunting teeth, but bad for fruit trees and the more amorous birds.  Maybe 2020 will be the Year with NO Winter?



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Another trip to the same spot (hoping for intact cowshark teeth) but wasn't to be.  More sand tiger spikes, more gravel and lots of broken teeth (and ecphora shells, saved a few almost intact).  Lots of vertebrae pieces (including one too big to easily scan).  Lost the only angel shark tooth (or broke its base) and few drum teeth this time.  Hopefully the rain will expose more teeth!





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They keep turning up for you! :)

Nice little finds. 

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