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Hey all! I'm a huge newbie to actually fossil hunting, though I've been seeking out museums, collections, and building my own personal collection of geological specimens for most of my life. I know that Kentucky is a major state for prehistoric, oceanic fossils and I would love to start hunting & collecting on my own. I've researched for a few months now and as far as I've gotten are some parks/areas near Cincy and Lou. I am not opposed to driving whatsoever, but I am local to the Winchester/Lexington area and I would love to know of some closer sites that I could visit more frequently - especially after heavy rains that may bring up some new specimens. I'd frankly love to find anything from precious stones to any sort of fossil, especially trilobites! I know finding a dinosaur or larger fauna would be a freak miracle at best, so anything fossilized or geological would be incredible! 


I'm open to any suggestions and out of the way sites; can't wait to see what y'all know of!! 

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Welcome to Kentucky. Here are a couple sites to explore.  I am also willing to guide to some of these sites

coral site.jpg

Leitchfield Mississippian site.jpg

SR 313 Mississippian site.jpg

Frankfort Ordovician site.jpg


Mt Washington.jpg

O Elk Creek.jpg

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Herb has some great suggestions. Some of these sites are right down the road from me (Elizabethtown area). It’s a bit of a drive for you, and his other mentioned sites are probably a little closer, but if you come this way let me know. Maybe we can meet up.


@Herb we still need to get together sometime for a hunt. :) 

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