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Common or Scientific Name - Helorus arturi sp. nov. (Hymenoptera, Proctotrupoidea, Heloridae) from Baltic amber

Geologic Formation or Geologic Age - Eocene Era.

Region the fossil was found - Baltic Sea shore - Wisla's River Estuary. Poland.

Museum or University that received the fossil - University Of Helsinki. Finnish Museum of Natural History. Finland.

Article - https://www.researchgate.net/publication/343997607_Helorus_arturi_sp_nov_Hymenoptera_Proctotrupoidea_Heloridae_from_Baltic_amber

Hello my fossil maniacs.
Thank you for suggestions about put it also here. It is my latest find described with my name as founder. ( already got few more )
I am happy becouse this is first wasp finally and also very important for science.
Here is author citation from my social media :


"An excellent example of how important work you fossil hunters do! This particular animal is a really interesting one, uniting present day helorids to extinct ones!"

That's why i am doing this. Everyday searching for treasures in ambers. Also i am from Poland where we got deposits so it is for me kind of haritage.
This is not easy  to find something new but with determination we can do big things.

Best wishes from Poland.





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Otodus/Carcharacles sokolovi (or early angustidens)

Mint Springs Marl., Rupelian

Smith Co., Mississippi

Mississippi Museum of Natural Science 

Complete specimens of this scientifically important shark are rare from this age.




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