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revista espanola de Paleontologia,extra/1992

Un cas remarkable d'epigenie chez une notanopliide(chonetacea,Brachiopoda) du Devonien de Bolivie

epigenieaberradevonidiagenesrevesp(biomintapho)bolivamericatapho18. bRacheboeuf.pdf

First off the bat:THIS deserves to be read




A:burial in the sediment

B:replacement of the secondary calcite layer by silica

C: dissolution of carbonate of the secondary layer(NOT recrystallized),formation of clay minerals

D: final state:dissolution of the external mould of both valves

Selective,rapid centripetal diagenesis

NB: spiriferids in the same concretion nearby do NOT show this form of preservation 

morphology: the decalcified specimens are SMALL and have a thick shell









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Tidgy's Dad
1 hour ago, doushantuo said:


First off the bat:THIS deserves to be read

Of course it does. 

Should be compulsory to teach this at school. :)

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