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Spiral Fossil/Carving? (Lake Michigan)

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I found this stone along the shore of Lake Michigan. I would appreciate any feedback as to what it might be? Thank you!



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It is an internal cast of a fossil snail, partly worn down by erosion.  You will probably be able to find other fossils in the area as well.


Welcome to the Fossil Forum!



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An internal cast is what is left after the fossil wore away. think of a water balloon. Freeze it solid then take the balloon away the ice inside would be an internal cast. In this case the shell filled with mud etc. the mud (or whatever) became stone.  Then the shell wore away just leaving the shape of what was inside.

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Nice find and welcome to the forum!


I've been collecting fossils on Lake Michigan beaches for about a year now and have only found two gastropods.

They are a rare find in Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes, as the "survivors" are typically hidden and protected within limestone rocks. 

I discovered my second one when I broke open a chunk of limestone. 



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Thank you for the great feedback! I found it a while ago and wasn't sure what it was because the spiral shape was pretty worn. You all solved my year-long mystery in less than an hour. 

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