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Caspersons low tides

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So ive been walking caspersons beach at night quite a lot and last week i really got the hang of what days and times are best to go looking based on tides. I went searching two nights in a row and found a ton of stuff! There were some awesome sandbars that made wading for larger fossils super convenient. I found a horse tooth, bison tooth, two partial mammoth teeth, a whale ear-bone, and a bunch of other stuff including a nice little meg. Take a look 









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Heres a few more. I found the best hemi i have ever found too but i didnt take a pic. Ill take one later!





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Awesome haul, especially for walking the beach! In my experience it’s pretty rare to find so much terrestrial material :fistbump: Nice work!

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Great finds!  Never seen so many various finds from walking the beach there.

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That's a very productive treasure hunt, Congrats! Curious how you spot the tiny teeth at night. Do you use a spotlight?

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Yes I use a headlight! I actually prefer to go at night! i think its easier to spot them with a focused light.

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