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On West Coast of Florida - any suggestions?

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Jen Morris

Hi All!


I hope everyone is healthy and safe. I am on the West Coast of Florida with my family & the kayaks. We were on the Peace River the other day and it’s the happiest I’ve seen my 2 teens in many moons. It reaffirms my belief that fossil hunting is the ultimate hobby. Doing your homework of geology and geography before the trip, discussing climate, weather, property rights, geology and paleontology on the hunt, getting exercise, less screen time all good stuff. Plus it’s a social distancing approved activity. Score! 

We are staying in Punta Gorda tonight and I’m looking at the Peace River empty into Charlotte Harbor. We are looking for somewhere close by to put in tomorrow for a day trip. I’ve read Shell Creek is a great fossiling spot. Has anyone tried it?  If so, any recommendations on where to put in?  We went to Arcadia the other day and passed over Joshua Creek. It seemed very high but was wondering if it could be a viable hunting spot. 

A word about Arcadia for those of you considering a trip- we put in at the public boat ramp and went right. We went less than a mile before we got so fossil crazy we all flew into the water. Almost every shovel full of material had lots of glass.  We also pulled up a bunch of sharp tin cans. We keep extra garbage bags in our boats for situations such as this and came back with a good half bag of river trash. If you go, make sure your shoes are sturdy and you wear gloves. I would hate to think of anyone out for a fun day getting hurt. 

Thanks for any suggestions for tomorrow. Take care and see you on the hunt!  


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