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Is Purse State Park Open?

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Hi Folks,


Just wondering if anyone has been to Purse State Park in Charles County, MD since the covid 19 pandemic started.  Maryland recently opened all other state parks as part of their phased reopening, but just wondering if this applies to wildlife management areas.  Purse is no longer a state park but I think the name is still commonly used.  




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I’m pretty sure it is. A lot of folks have been there of late, including me.


I don’t encourage it if there are restrictions, and I don’t encourage going without the proper social distancing requirements. 

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Yes, it has been open the whole time, as I have been there several times over the last few months.  But it is very hard to do social distancing there now that the weather is warm and the water is swimmable.  The beach is very narrow and a lot of folks sort of make camp along it for extended periods.  You can get around them wading, but even that  is not an option in some cases. If you pick the right time of day (early) or iffy swimming weather, it could be okay, but have a backup option.

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