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Maryland Coprolite?


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Hi, new guy here.  Sorry if this post is all wrong, but here goes.  My Mom found this on a sandy beach on the Maryland side of the lower Potomac River.   Is it a coprolite, a rock, or something else?  Thanks.






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Hi @hoopics, welcome to the forum! When you are not sure what you have, it is best to post under the Fossil ID section. My first impression is no, this is not a coprolite. However, I don't think if I've seen a coprolite from that area, so I'm not sure how they fossilize there. You could try the lick test to see if it sticks to the tip of your tongue. If you are not that brave, touch the area with a wet finger to see if it feels sticky. Often times coprolites will feel sticky, but this isn't always the case. I recommend testing the area shown on your last photo. If it doesn't stick, you could try putting a drop of vinegar on it to see if it fizzes. If it does, I likely contains calcite. Some coprolites, particularly those from herbivores are calcareous. 

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(Split into separate topic.)


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