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Hi all, I recently found the items below at Calvert Cliffs State Park (A-F) and Matoaka Beach (G-I) in Maryland (both Miocene exposures). Image scales are in inches. I'm not sure what these are. Could some or all of them be coprolites? If so, any ideas as to what kinds of animals they came from? Thanks for your help!







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Hyperostotic (tilly) fish bones.

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Wow, thanks, I had no idea there was such a thing.


Here are a couple of good TFF threads I found on tilly bones for anyone else who wants to learn more:





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I used to be amazed that so many fish seem to swim around and live for some time with bones that look like this.

Lately I've realized that if a teleost ever evolves to study the fossils of my bones it might wonder how this creature still walked around. :wacko:

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