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Petalodus teeth? ( Missouri )


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Location is in Missouri

The area is dated to the Pennsylvanian 

most likely Raytown, Wyandotte Limestone


Hi I was wondering if anyone was able to identify these teeth I found together at the rock pile I hunted at, the right I believe could be a poorly preserved Petalodus tooth with its root and as for the left I have no idea and could be from a Petalodus if not the same one? I am not sure as I am not an expert at identify odd looking teeth yet. If possible I would also like to know the tooth placement if it is able to be determined. Thank you for taking your time to read this!


I have found shards from Petalodus teeth in the area and 1 almost complete specimen, but none look like the two teeth I found below 






20200719_165754_HDR.jpg.2e04136bdb4a3e49f175b80ae3df40bf.jpgBackside of the right specimen

20200719_170324_HDR.jpg.91f0b56a814c84cb09c5406a64ae4785.jpgClose up picture of the specimen on the left

20200719_165812_HDR.jpg.22dad633c9931b7d3ef67e47dd684210.jpg backside of the specimen on the left


20200719_165852_HDR.jpg.5e2c78e3e9de077a0d01df9d34f31eaa.jpgI held them on their side so the tip would be more visible and you could see more details


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The right one for sure. The striations on the crown also make me think Petalodus. The matrix within the tooth also looks correct.

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