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Unidentified shark tooth: Walton on the Naze UK


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i have found hundreds of sand shark teeth, several Mackerel Shark teeth and one Meg contender From this site but this very worn tooth does not seem to be similar enough to match my existing specimens. Can anyone help?


it was found among the shingle to the north of the Naze towards Stone Point on the beach at Walton  on the Naze, Essex, UK

Apologies for the poor scale for non U.K. residents. The coin is approximately 2.3cm.


The tooth Is fairly worn, thin and flat. 

Thanks in advance and if it’s too worn for an ID, no worries. It’s just nice to find something different!




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Honestly, it is too worn to say for certain,  but it has the basic shape of a Mako.

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I’d say Carcharodon hastalis.

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Are you sure it’s a tooth? Does have the basic shape of a hastalis, so that would be my guess if it is a tooth.

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