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Like what title said: is it a tree limb, bamboo, reed, or is it even something geological? Dakota formation, also known as Dakota Sandstone. Dakota formation is known to produce variety of flora fossils, such as leaves and seeds.


The patterns on these fossils strike me as 'flora-ish'; like these that seem be nodes and also 'bark-like' and fibrous textures.










...Continued on the next post.




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Some pieces can be put together like puzzles and some smaller pieces can't but I suspect it's from the same fossil. 






A couple of closer views at different angles to see the patterns and textures better, if that's any help. 




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It definitely looks "woody" to me. I find similar looking specimens often in a variety of Carboniferous depositional settings. I don't know if you can do better than 'indeterminate plant material', hopefully someone more familiar with Cretaceous flora can respond.

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