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Old bison bones


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Found these bones about 8 foot down in a cut bank along a river. Suspect bison.. any help appreciated. Have more pics if needed. I included the cut bank. Believe whole skeleton to be there, did not find head yet. Thanks


F162E08A-AD94-4AC9-ABC5-13266B2BDEC4.jpeg.0aabb9eaa0dc2735773e52f628bfeb42.jpeg76C8CCD3-3652-4179-9477-6D10CCEF1BC9.jpeg.53c04f25ebb8cef0bbbb16d190bddd3a.jpeg02EDACC0-0DD1-4EBC-91BA-113B5362B8A0.jpeg.ef64745ae19750337d6604f5018777e8.jpeg8738B568-B3EA-41D5-BD44-771968B132A3.jpeg.84e61b3c2dd194d3d17edde55bea6e99.jpegEC8BD7C7-60CC-451D-9629-7489F3A29886.jpeg.efaad8b5a029c804596fc98f7f9544cc.jpeg BF0BE835-2102-4783-9E52-B75A19768F0A.jpeg

7029F5C4-BDF9-4399-B483-882DEBF431CB.jpeg 0ECC3C1A-0118-4E8D-9F8A-9386562E0797.png

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Looks bovid to me :)

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