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Fossilized teeth ID


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Decided to take my kids fishing today at a creek we frequent sometimes. We were getting ready to start packing up and head home when I look down and see what I think is pretty colored rock partly buried in the ground in some sandy soil(I'm a rock hound, lol) Upon unearthing it i was surprised I had stumbled upon this pair of amazing fossilized teeth! The excitement is real and I've never found anything like this before! I have no idea what these are from but I'm sure sone kinda bovid. I'm also in South Arkansas btw if that helps any! Thanks!



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Need to see the chewing surface.

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It strikes me as a Bison molar. I'd wait for someone more experienced with that locality though!

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I was about to say I thought it was bison, but @Harry Pristis beat me to it. Oh well, I’m happy that someone so knowledgeable agrees with me!

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