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Various Fossils from Lake Michigan


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Hey everyone,


New user here, very minor experience with fossils. I was curious if anyone would be interested in possibly identifying some specimens from Lake Michigan, from North Shore Beach in Ferrysburg, Michigan. It's on the West Coast of Michigan, but it would be the Eastern side of the Lake. Hope that isn't too confusing and I hope that I find you all well during these trying times. I have a couple more as well, if it's cool.


Thanks for reading.


Here are my humble hypotheses:


1: Some sort of Petoskey/Charlevoix stone or similar perhaps.

1 (Large).jpg


2: Coral?

2 (Large).jpg


3 (Large).jpg


4 (Large).jpg



5 (Large).jpg



6 (Large).jpg


7/8: Arrowhead shards or shards from producing an arrowhead?

7 (Large).jpg

8 (Large).jpg



9 (Large).jpg



10 (Large).jpg



13 (Large).jpg


12/13: Horn Coral with a zebra mussel shell inside it?

14 (Large).jpg

15 (Large).jpg

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Here's the last of the candidates. Thanks to anyone who gives a shot at identifying them.



14.A: Some sort of tooth?



14.B: Reverse side of the "tooth"



15.A: Diploria coral?



15.B: Chiton on the left? Additional fossil perhaps/square imprint from a plant leaf maybe in the center?



17: Chiton?


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These are marine sediments, and nearly all of these are rugose coral. 

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Bob Saunders


Hello from Saugatuck.     #  12/13: Horn Coral with a zebra mussel shell inside it? not possible as the zebra mussels are recent and was dumped by ship ballast to the digress of the Great Lakes, so no fossils. 4-5-6 looks like chert. #7-8 large piece looks like broken pottery. #9 shows some fossil formation. South of Douglas to below South Haven is much better picking. 

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9 looks like a nice little ammonite, but without knowing what the matrix is like I don’t know how you could expose it further 

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