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Does anyone know what this is? I am thinking, perhaps, it is a piece of a stone crab claw? Someone mentioned shark tooth. 

Found at Quintana Beach, Texas; Gulf of Mexico ocean, two days after two hurricanes hit landfall. 

 CF1F6096-57AA-4D1A-BB57-45618E17AE30.jpeg AAEBAC89-DAA5-40FD-8BD8-00BC406D2722.jpeg 0A719281-F5F2-4D62-8BB0-FF654B83C2F9.jpegBEA268AF-4071-4BA8-9D36-C22911348AAC.jpeg 32B3A8BB-465E-49CC-9833-687EF009258F.jpeg 5AB3E5A4-EAA1-49ED-82C3-EF8DAADF81EF.jpegF38AD910-61C5-4975-BC35-AD304D772110.jpeg

9EBB7E17-D027-443C-B62B-CE21D5B8F82A.jpeg 6E1A6FC6-5C36-41A3-9531-B8F9A977E7C4.jpeg

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2 hours ago, LunaRai said:

Is there a way to tell how old it is?

Probably not, since this was a beach find. 

It's likely that it's a modern piece. 

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