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First Big Brook Trip


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Yesterday I took my boys down to Marlboro for our first trip to Big Brook Preserve. Overcast and humid seemed better to me then humid and full sun. We only came with a metal strainer and a few old spoons. I wasn't really sure how to start or what to look for but we had a great time...the boys splashing in the water more then looking for fossils! I found a few teeth, many concretions and I'm unsure of my other finds. I can't wait to go back! Would love any suggestions or possible id's on any of my finds! 









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Hello Thetruth7771, I hope everything is going well in life. It sounds like you and your boys had an excellent and exciting time fossil collecting at Big Brook. It reminds me of my first time going there with my mother and two younger brothers. We broke small fishing nets and eventually graduated to kitchen spaghetti strainers. These are things I would recommend bringing along with you. Also, if you are averse to any dirt or forest matter contaminating your vehicle, bringing some towels and a sheet for the gear in the truck always helps. The pictures you uploaded present some difficulty in terms of identifications. Here is my shot:








Anyway, thank you for posting and I hope you have a nice rest of your day.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to comment Trevor! I have always been fascinated by fossils. I hope to go back more frequently; it's only about an hour away from me! Thank you for helping to identify some of the pieces we found.i have so much to learn and appreciate any help! Even the concretions fascinate me haha! We used kitchen spaghetti strainers! I found  a simple way to make a screen so I plan to do that before I go back!

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Fossil hunting has become one of the favorite activities of MY boys (and girl).  It is a great alternative to computer games and TV!  Don't be surprised if they go up the learning curve quickly and start getting good at it fast.  My kids don't leave me much to find when I am behind them--which I usually am.  Thanks for the report!

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