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Endochrus? (Enchodus)


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I purchased this as an Endochrus Spine Section. I have since tried to find more information on the species, but a Google search only returns online listings, and no information pages. As far as Google is concerned, it seems the species doesn't exist. The whole piece is a little over 4 inches across, almost 5 at it's largest point. The vertebra itself is maybe 2 inches long, and almost 2 and a half tall. I have no information on it's origins. It was pretty cheap, so I am not freaking out about all of this, but I WOULD like to know if anyone has heard of an Endochrus, and if so, what is it? If not, what might be a more accurate name for this?

Thank in advance.


::EDIT:: The seller has informed me that the locale is the Atlas Mountains in Morocco


s-l1600 (11).jpg

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Welcome to the Forum. :)

I think you mean Enchodus sp ;) Possibly Enchodus libyus 

Correct spelling is key to finding information. 

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  • Fossildude19 changed the title to Endochrus? (Enchodus)

Thank you. I copied the name exactly how the seller spelled it. That would DEFINITELY explain why I couldn't find anything.

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2 minutes ago, Vyrago said:

The matrix feels like a mix of sand and clay, like it would come off pretty easily.

Chances are that it is a mix. The specimen might be genuine (in part or whole), but its matrix seems a bit dubious.

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