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Horse Tibia or Other? Cut Marks


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I believe the long bone in these pictures is a horse (tibia). Correct - thoughts on the cut marks? Look modern?

PXL_20201024_192840439 - Copy.jpg

PXL_20201024_192836899 - Copy.jpg

PXL_20201024_192844267 - Copy.jpg

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Got a couple more pictures and verified is a horse. Can anyone offer any insight on the cut marks? I'm presuming modern. Butchered horse - common?


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They look like cut marks but there is significant argument in the literature suggesting this kind of damage can be savenger   See articles on anzoboreoo mammoth   and owl cave mammoth and some other mammoth sites as well where there is intense interest in seeing man and mammoth interact,  y opinion then suggests predation but not necessarily butchering.


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