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OBX (Outer Banks, North Carolina) again (what a year it’s been!)


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Last time I visited the outer banks, I was in Corolla and I found some of my best ice age fossils ever. So when my mom and all the other adults wanted to go again for two weeks, I didn’t protest. So off we went, down to Duck this time. It turns out that we had to leave a little early, but I wasn’t disappointed because I got what I wanted from that place. The amount of fossils here were a lot less common to find than in Corolla and I found myself walking miles and miles between finds before stumbling across something. With that being said, I got some nice sharks teeth, ray plates, more fish bones, some killer shells, and one unidentified vertebrae that was from a land mammal. Anyone who still has a clue can weigh in, otherwise, here are my spoils from the trip to the northern outer banks.












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  • Fossildude19 changed the title to OBX (Outer Banks, North Carolina) again (what a year it’s been!)

I'm not sure what animal the vertebra is from, but it looks like the thoracic variety, just with the spinous process broken off near the base. Could be horse, camel, or something else - what's throwing me off is just how small it is.

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I thought maybe it might be lion or big cat because it’s looks similar but I’m perplexed at what it could be.

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