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Carolina Coast Vertebra


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Hey there! New user, and probably not likely to stick around for long if I'm honest. I've just never had much of an affinity for forums, I'm afraid.


That said, I have been absorbed by this particular specimen for several decades. The only suggestion I've heard so far is some kind of whale, but I was curious if I could narrow it down a bit more. Also, I'm not an expert, but it seems pretty different from most whale vertebrae I've looked up. That said, there are a lot of bones in a lot of kinds of whales out there, so I could easily, easily be wrong in my skepticism.


This was found on a beach in southeastern North Carolina, it is approximately 7 cm long, nearly 11 cm across, and almost 9 cm in height, for reference, in case the ruler is tough to read.


View from behind:



View from above:



View from the front (and upside down):



View from the side:



I appreciate any help or information anyone can offer, and if nothing else, I hope you guys get some enjoyment from the puzzle! Let me know if I did anything wrong or if you need more info and I'll see what I can scrounge up to help you out. Cheers!

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It looks cetacean thoracic vert to me. You usually can't get an identification to genus or species with just a cetacean vertebrae.

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