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Possible osteoderm


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Hi, recovered these from conglomerate horizon in jurassic strata near jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India.

My guess is they are osteoderm of some sort. Looking for some more educated opinions.





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Looks similar in texture to a chimaera tooth plate, if this is a jurassic marine setting this could be your potential answer.

Here's my own from the Late Cretaceous of New Jersey.


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My initial guess would also have been tooth-plate, as the grooved surface on the finds look more like the dental ridges on a fish's tooth-plate then the comparatively rougher surface of an osteoderm. Compare with the below images of fossils found in the Boulonais region of northwestern France and dating to the Kimmeridgian and Tithonian stages of the Jurassic:


jden001_thmb.jpg.d103f93262dfce3c6aa532e7293e3043.jpgIschyodus sp. (Auluxacanthus, Leptacanthus)




jden160.jpg.a8cd3b67b73e5ef976d0cef4e9c39700.jpgAsteracanthus sp.






jden135.jpg.2e7844080cf1ef77982dd6799ccfa246.jpgAsteracanthus ornatissimus






jden146.jpg.66e16af56cbfb1b11d19619f6b9ab2b3.jpgGyrodus sp.

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