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Good evening to all participants!
I have accumulated a lot of local (from Ukraine) material - I decided to sort it out, and recurring fossils, or not of interest to me, offers you an exchange.
Everything in the photos is one lot.
Consists of:
1. Tile from Carboniferous period with fern print;
2. A fragment of the armor of a armored fish Podolaspis Lerichei of the Devonian period;
3. Tile with Silrian brachiopods and tentaculites;
4. Mollusk of Neogene;
5. A small fragment of a fossilized araucaria of the Carboniferous period with quartzite crystals;
6. 2 fragments of orthoceras (found together with a tile with tentaculites);
7. A selection of teeth and vertebrae (most of the Cenomanian fish):
7.1. 3 Enchodus teeth (2 large ones are glued from fragments, and the largest (light) one is also smeared with a children's felt-tip pen), Cenomanian.
7.2. Ptychodus teeth (light - Cenomanian; found personally, and dark ones got by exchange);
7.3. 2 undefined teeth of the Cenomanian fish and good teeth of a shark from Malin, Zhytomyr region (by the way, dark teeth of Ptychodus are from the same place);
7.4. 2 Pycnodus teeth - Cenomanian.
7.5. - A bag of Cenomanian fish vertebrae - about 50-60 pieces.

Perhaps some of this will interest you.
What is interesting to me: first of all, on marine reptiles and dinosaurs, and also offhand, I am interested in the teeth of megalodon, Crinoids and ammonites.
Surely I missed something - I ask you, do not hesitate to write to me in private messages - i will glad to talk.
Best regards, Svetlana

1 (1).jpg

1 (2).jpg

1 (3).jpg

1 (4).jpg

1 (5).jpg

1 (6).jpg

1 (7).jpg

1 (8).jpg

1 (9).jpg

1 (10).jpg

1 (11).jpg

2 (1).jpg

2 (2).jpg

2 (3).jpg

2 (4).jpg

2 (5).jpg

2 (6).jpg

2 (7).jpg

2 (8).jpg

2 (9).jpg

2 (10).jpg

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will stevenson

I’d be interested in trading for all the vertebrate material if your willing to split that off (all numbers of lot 7), I will send you some pics of ammonites, I have some nice ones:)

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