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Unknown trilobites from online purchase

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Hey everyone,


I just got a small lot of trilobites in the mail and I’m not really sure what I’m dealing with. It wasn’t very pricey for these 5 bugs plus a low grade Moroccan trilo that I know the ID of. So I figure I’ll buy now ask later lol.  



these 2 seem to be the same trilobite I’m just totally unsure from where. I’m guessing China maybe?



pretty sure this is the well known Pseudogygities from Canada...or maybe it’s a similar genus? 



these almost look like cousins to Olenellus with the body plan. Seems like a Cambrian bug but i don’t really know for sure. Maybe another Chinese trilobite?

apologies for lack of scale bar....not sure where my ruler went so I had to settle for a not so great pen for scale 


Thanks!! Hopefully someone knows for sure! 


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Thanks!!! Much appreciated :beer:

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