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Hello!! I recently found a beautiful piece of (what I now know) seems to be honeycomb fossilized coral. I found it on my farm in Tennessee along with many other small fragments of this type of coral. This is the largest piece I have found and would love to know more about it!! I’d mostly like to find out close to how old it actually is? If anyone has some insight on this I’d love the help! Thank you! 



4471A4EB-768B-4CFE-83F8-6CAA6EEE2FDD.png  58AF7E83-C97F-49B9-8B53-BA1F586682D6.png  43633B4D-8BEB-4277-80F5-7C272CF1F3AC.png

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Looks like a favositid.

A minimum age would be end Permian. WiKi has them out as a group at 265 million.  It's likely considerably older.

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