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Dactylioceras commune, Parkinsonia parkinsoni, & Protocardia truncata?

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I found these as a child in 1983 in Burton Bradstock,Dorset (UK).

While there I happened to bump into a collector who quickly looked at them and wrote me a note on his quick guess at identifying them.
Can someone take a look and let me know if his estimate was correct, any help identifying them is greatly appreciated.
From the Great Oolite Series ~170Mya
Ammonite, probably Dactylioceras commune
Ammonite, probably Parkinsonia parkinsoni - 
Bivalves - The ridged, triangular one possibly belongs to the Cardia group, perhaps Protocardia truncata.
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The Great Oolite Group is Middle Jurassic, so your first ammonite could not be a Dactylioceras, which occurs in the Lower Jurassic Toarcian stage which is to be found to the west much farther down the coast. It also doesn't look like one, since the whorls are much more narrow. Yours may be a member of the Parkinsoniidae family. I think you're right about the second one though. Sorry I can't help you with the bivalves.

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