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Shark Vertebral Centra ?

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Inland Venice, FL. Typical Pleistocene material in spoil pile. First possible shark vertebrae I have found after hundreds of searches here. 5 cm diameter, 2 cm thick.  Is it shark? Can an age/species able to be determined with only 1 vert?  I  also found (6) Lightning Whelk shells in this pile. 









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Tidgy's Dad

Very nice! 

Yes, I believe that is a shark centrum (singular; centra is plural) 

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It is a shark or ray centrum but the differences between the the two are ambiguous. Here's an old thread that discusses the difficulty differentiating ray and shark verts  in detail.

Age would best be estimated by other fossils from the spoil pile. It's not exact with spoil piles because of mixed dredging but still. Sinistrofulgur (Busycon) perversum dates at latest to Plio-Pleistocene.

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