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Found in a small void deep in red clay and limestone, no idea what it is. Tube worms? Coprolite? Psuedofossil? Any help is greatly appreciated

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Tidgy's Dad

No picture showing for me, I'm afraid. :(

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Hi Kida and welcome to the forum.

As far as I can see this is indeed a pseudofossil. The notorious ironstone concretion. I found very similar ones here near the Rhine river. The iron oxide /hydroxides hematite and limonite account for the rusty colour. Those are not magnetic, by the way. What looks like a worm is the center of one concretion, they are often softer than the outer layers and there are other hollow parts of your find where similar substance seems to have been eroded away.

I have seen bigger concretions like these turned into a vase, they do have beautiful shapes.

Best regards,


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