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Easily accessible sites in France around Strasbourg and/or Vosges


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Hi everyone,


I'm looking for an area close to Strasbourg in the Alsace, not more than about two hours' drive away, that offers both nice forest walks and easily accessible fossiling sites (or palaeontological museum) where a family with young children could go to find some fossils over the Easter holidays. Please feel free to PM me with details. Thanks in advance!

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2 hours ago, oilshale said:

I have not been there yet, but maybe this is interesting.


Thanks! That's a ton of information, much of which I didn't know about yet! The region seems even more interesting than I was aware of!


Unfortunately, however, I'm looking for very specific location data, as a lot of the fossil sites around the area I'm aware of are either closed, overgrown, exhausted, prohibited, or otherwise inaccessible. I also don't really have an opportunity to scout right now, so I'd really need something that is certainly accessible and a good place to visit with your kids (one 4yo and one neonate).

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