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Back in Oct. the Dayton Gem and Mineral Society had a field trip to the St Paul Stone Quarry in IN. Waldron shale. I've been slowly prepping my finds (along with other stuff) and finally completed my task.

By far the most different piece I've found in a long time....a Rafinesquina-type brach covered in a bryozoan, with a Calymene face sitting on top, surrounded by pyrite. Size = 1.5" W x 1" D x 1" T.



A complete, 3/4 prone Calymene. About 1.25" long.



Some complete gastropods, all whose brown "shell" is pyrite.



Some gastropods that aren't pyrite.



A few brachiopods.



Some crinoid calyxes.



#7 Some some small pyrite brachiopods.



And some tabulate corals.


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Wow, splendid finds! Been wanting to visit there for quite a while.

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Tidgy's Dad

Lovely specimens! :)

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sixgill pete

Amazing fossils. The gastropods and brachiopods are fantastic

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Susan Slater

Wow, really enjoyed looking at your finds. amazing prep work. Sue

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Nice prep work- love Waldron fossils!

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I've never seen anything like that trilobite surrounded by pyrite- thanks for sharing! 

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Nice finds!

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