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Small, sharp curved point, groove along one side, cross section would be flattened, not round, tooth found in Peace River, Florida.

Approximately 1 inch long, 5/16” wide at root, 3/16” thick at root. ID assistance appreciated.


191BD17A-1F73-4EB0-B11D-317142F5EBD7.jpeg   65216BC0-0534-4BB4-B85F-B7A4A25694D0.jpeg

B78F204F-3470-4F29-869C-531A7DC9FEB0.jpeg    4958CCEC-D36F-4351-A1A3-D59B9942A9E3.jpeg

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There are numerous mammals that have contributed canines about this size. A very good possibility is Raccoon.

@BellamyBlake had a focus on Florida predator teeth.

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I found pictures online of raccoon canines that appear very similar. Thanks!

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