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Is this Amber, copal or something else entirely

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I’m a fisherman and I’ve just done a trip on a Beamer trawler. We were fishing 20 miles south of lizard point in Cornwall and caught this in one tow. The skipper and his father both said they’ve seen this before but it’s not common, neither knew what it is exactly. 
It was in one lump but my fellow crewmen hit it with a rail pin and it split. 
Can anyone tell me what it is? It’s very pretty and I can see loads of inclusions when I hold fragments up to the light. It also smells strongly of pine. 









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To test if it is amber or copal, you can apply a heated needle, or apply some acetone. The acetone would leave the surface of copal feeling a bit "sticky," while the amber should be unaffected. 

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Thecosmilia Trichitoma

From the way that it has fractured and how the outside has been worn, as well as the lack of cloudiness/inclusions, I am guessing that it is rosin. 

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The strong smell of pine eliminates amber and probably copal.... I agree with a resin ball...

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