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Tiny Canine Peace River

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I was out hunting the Peace River yesterday.  It was a great day to be there.  I did not find a special gem, but did pretty well on small shark teeth.  (Some nice upper hemis, a nice Sand Tiger, and even a small Thresher).  Additional mammal finds were far and few between. A couple of dolphin verts, a dolphin bulla, horse tooth, ball of a femur.



What I am trying to ID is that little canine,  dead center bottom in photo above. I am used to putting up photos of canines 1.25 inches and up.  I have always made likely incorrect assumptions of what these very small canines come from.  Since this is my 1st time discussing undersized canines, I would like suggestions on how many possibilities am I dealing with.....  So , small predator, likely much smaller then Raccoon, possum, skunk.



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