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1 hour ago, garyc said:

I found this recently on the Brazos River in southeast Texas. It has me stumped. Any ideas?

I have seen similar... a circular hole in red,  a channel in blue...



A hole in the sidewall,



A channel on top.....



I think it is part of a mandible....

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Thanks, Jack! If you look at my first pic on the left and my 3rd pic on the right, you can see there’s a circular impression, like a socket.... but not very deep. I’m trying to make this piece be part of a tortoise, but I can’t find any comparable pictures on line showing how limb bones articulate with the rest of the tortoise skeleton @Shellseeker

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Lorne Ledger

hmmm, I think it is mammal - it almost looks like part of a giant sloth scapulae with the acromion ridge worn off.  That is just a guess, but it would have to be from a pretty big animal I would think.

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Going off Shellseekers mandible idea, could it be a part of a proboscidean jaw?

Inkedmastodon lower jaws_LI.jpg

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