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Green Mill Run, NC Tiny Treasures

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Beautiful weather forecast and Green Mill Run is low enough to hunt.  Even knowing I rarely find much worth displaying, sometimes you just need a day in the field so I coerce cajole one of my housemates to take the morning and have a little adventure.  Even with every intention to only use the screen with the larger size mesh, nevertheless within the first dozen shovels we are using the smaller mesh.

I suppose if we are ever really serious about leaving behind the little fossils, we will have to leave behind the small mesh screen!  But that is hard to do when we find such little gems as shown in the photos.

1) Lovely little ray scute – first find of the day. Overjoyed!

2) Sturgeon scute – not something we’ve found here before

3) Great white teeth – it is just so great to find one, let alone 2 (the root on the smaller one would have been rather robust)

4) Coprolite – we always enjoy finding these and presume they are largely from the cretaceous Peedee

5) Squalicorax … a kaupi, a bassani and an unidentified one with damage removing diagnostic feature

6) Galeocerdo cuvier, so we know we have some pliocene Yorktown

7) WHAT?  See closer photos. They are both regularly serrated though worn. One has a nutrient groove so thinking carcharhinus.  The other ... if it was big, it would be a meg (still learning how to get decent photos of small fossils!)

8) Belemnitella Americana

9) This is either a fish tooth or a phosphate pebble that has chipped in a perfectly round circle to resemble a root:heartylaugh:

10 Rhombodus sp (too worn to speciate)

11) Tiny little shark vert!

12) Turtle shell, various species


And now, I can go place a bid for Sacha’s agatized corals!

2021 04 07 GMR .jpg

GMR mini 1 labial.JPG

GMR mini 1 lingual.JPG

GMR mini 2 labial.JPG

GMR mini 2 lingual.JPG

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Nice diversity of finds, thanks for sharing! Both of the #7 teeth look like Carcharhinus sp. to me.

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