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A couple more Platteville Formation Grant Co. Wisconsin Trilobite and some others

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Hello, I had some time to look at a few more of the rocks from my collection trip into Wisconsin Platteville Grant County 

1,2,3 First is a flat creek rock I gave a scrub and I think it has a trilobite cephalon. EC29AA7B-3720-4B0D-A921-C317B14F58F4.thumb.jpeg.924b9d0c963b5c07bcbff744bb2f1e7e.jpegBC08A610-A0D5-45F2-9FCC-0FBD5D77B1A4.thumb.jpeg.df6c3b5a18045561cbfe0479f44a379c.jpeg41107CAA-4200-4E74-8670-4E6AA5B05611.thumb.jpeg.fc916c7580da84414afc249976accf97.jpeg

4,5,Is a rock that appears to have a trilobites or it coiled be a broken bivalve? It's in a flakey rock so I haven't picked at it much. I included a side picture of the sediments. 


6,7 I am pretty sure these are Chondrites? Or something similar? There are also some other bits in it F4E9C4FA-9AD7-4BDC-B392-473D3788999E.thumb.jpeg.25e50a5cad6ccac9c25eb6338931ec58.jpegA0820132-66FD-49E6-96B4-AFC278E80FD7.thumb.jpeg.c823343a6ecf9601595a63b35ba9eaf2.jpeg

8 is a bit of hash plate but it has what I assume must be pyrite bits that are a bit flashy golden  - hard to see in the  pic but there ar little bit popping out and reflective - I figured I before I show my daughter I figured I should confirm they are pyrite or something similar - and not what she will immediately think it is!218A7AD3-76EC-4354-A1E9-53C1B3F5B949.thumb.jpeg.ae938a5f66b0fcc9f718970b3f94e2b4.jpeg


Thanks and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I'll keep sorting and seeing what I got and maybe walk a creek or two for fun



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First one appears to be a Ceraurus sp.

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